Updated Test Format: Guides on NNPC/CHEVRON Undergraduates Scholarship Award

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We published this article  fully aware that NNPC/CHEVRON scholarship application is currently ongoing. In case if you are not awared, The 2018 NNPC/Chevron Scholarship application is scheduled to be ended on the 10th of August, 2018. We have an important information that we want to relay to any undergraduate who entails to succeed in the 2018 NNPC/CHEVRON Scholarship aptitude test, of course any undergraduate that went through our undergraduate scholarship guide should of necessity be shortlisted for the test. This piece of information is necessary to ensure that you diversify your efforts and not put your eggs in the wrong basket.

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As I mentioned in the post NNPC/CHEVRON Scholarship, over the years, the scholarship test have been organized by DRAGNET Solutions and we have dealt extensively on how to pass dragnet aptitude tests with free past questions included. This year the NNPC/CHEVRON Scholarship aptitude test is not being handled by DRAGNET. For those who may choose to purchase past questions to prepare for this scholarship program. The aptitude test is not being handled by dragnet.

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After a chat with a representative from the company, we gathered this information so that our subscribers would keep an open mind when preparing for this scholarship. Moreover, we still recommend using GMATSGeneral Management Aptitude Tests to prepare for this scholarship program, and be mindful of these important facts about undergraduate scholarship program from multinational companies.

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2018 NNPC/CHEVRON Scholarship Aptitude Test will be handled by Optimum resources. From a short document we found about the company with respect to the way they handle tests and their requirements we were able to gather that all candidates (possibly for another application they conducted) should demonstrate the following:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Passion for forestry and outdoors
  • General knowledge.
  • Initiative
  • Safety conscious.
  • Good problem solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

A little tip also, – the mail that would be sent during the shortlisting stage might also give us an insight to the nature of questions that would be set in the NNPC/CHEVRON scholarship aptitude test.

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