2018 NNPC/Total Scholarship Test: Share your Experience

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NNPC/Total Scholarship Test Experience– For candidates who partook in the just concluded 2018 NNPC/Total Scholarship Test  today, December 1st, 2018, this is an opportunity for you to share your experiences.

We would like you to share your experiences concerning the conduct of the test today. Let us know how well you wrote.

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  1.  What was the verification process like?
  2. How well you wrote?
  3. Were you required to power on the system? Or was it already powered on when you got there?
  4. Was it the same set of questions for every candidates and were the questions arranged in the same manner for all the candidates?
  5. How many sections in all (if yes mention them)?
  6. How many questions were asked in each of the section?
  7. Was the time enough for you?
  8. Did the system shut down automatically (for those whose time finished before they were able to finish)?
  9. Was there any technical issue you encountered during the test?
  10. Which question can your remember?
  11. Were you allowed to use calculator?
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Answering any of the above questions will be highly useful to your younger ones who might be opportune to sit for NNPC/Total Scholarship Test next year comes 2019. It is also part of our responsibility to keep our users engaged.

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2 thoughts on “2018 NNPC/Total Scholarship Test: Share your Experience

  1. good morning sir
    Sir please I was shortlisted for Keil scholarship of which I applied for. Plz i want to know if it is legit or not

  2. Am sorry I just received my mail today…it was my fault though. My experience about the Total scholarship was really great. I was less calm before the officials came but as soon as they arrived and started arranging us for the test I was nervous. Everything was done in an orderly manner. The exam was without any form of malpractice. Also at the end of the exam I learnt speed ,accuracy and confidence should always be part of our daily activities.

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