9flux SMS Alert Platform Opens – Register Now

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Knowing how it pains after waiting for a particular opportunity and just discovering that it is over – you just missed it, 9Flux is out to ensure that all her subscribers wont tell such stories this time.

With 9Flux integrated SMS alerts, you are at the fore front of all Nigerian scholarships, jobs, internships filtered based on your preferred choice of updates.

Why you should register?

  1. It is integrated: This is to ensure reliability, 9flux is partnering with mbscholars to provide reliable services and efficient SMS delivery even to numbers on DND.
  2. It is cheap: With just #1000 #500, you can get 1 year SMS alerts.
  3. You will be the first to get noticed on any update(s) related to any of your chosen option during your registration.
  4. You will not miss out of any ongoing opportunities regarding to your chosen option.
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So what are you still waiting for?


How to Register:  Interested candidate who would like not to miss any of the above mentioned  SMS alert categories should :

Click here Subscribe Here now

In other to fully prepare your account and propagate your SMS alert of your chosen option, you need to activate your account.

How To Activate Account : For details on how to activate your account,  click on the link below :

Activate Account Here

Note: You will not receive SMS if you have not activated your account.


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