Top Questions And Answers You Need To Know TSTV Decoder

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Thousands of free units of TSTV PR Decoders have been deployed nationwide through accredited dealers.To ensure we reach more Nigerians throughout this test period, TSTV Management have launched TSTV transmission nationwide and all our channels are Free to Air for one month.

Meanwhile there are some salient questions you might want to ask about TSTv, below are the likely questions and answers.

Does TSTv show English Premier League Matches?

We have a station that will show the EPL matches and other soccer leagues live.

Does TSTv have Christian Channel?

Yes we have

To become a dealer?

Simply visit TSTv website, simply click on the tab for dealers on it and follow the instruction there.

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Decoder set is #5000 only


Subscription fee is #3000 maximum monthly with pause subscription

Where can I buy TSTv Decoder?

TSTv decoders are available nationwide in designated centres across the country, to check the centre closest to you click here

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