Do I really Need a CV for SIWES/Internship Application??

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A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is the Selling point of every Scholar. It is the only thing that has the right to sell you to interns seeking personnel behind your back.

You should note that writing Examination and going for interview before securing an internship are the physical  ways one can promote himself while, Your CV does the work behind your back.

There are basically two types of Internship

  • Graduate Internship and
  • Student Internship

Graduate Internship

CV writing for a Graduate intern is usually a must because at this time of your Career Life, you must have attained a good number of educational and Professional backgrounds of which the recruiter would want to see. Another reason is because a graduate internship just like Apprenticeship has a higher chance of leading to a full time job.

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Therefore, they will want to see reasons why they should build a career with you.

Student Internship

As a student applying for internship, one of your major reason is to bridge the gap between class work and Labour market/Industry.

At this stage in your educational life, you have not attained lot of professional experience. Therefore, your educational background should be a hit. Including your Result statement, awards received in school,

The idea of submitting CV when applying for Student Internship will be very nice unless if and only if you are asked not to submit

Because some companies will surely tell you the document they require while others will just tell your send in your application.

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These are the reasons why CV can be attached while applying

  1. You are selling yourself to them. Hence, giving them the chance to know you well.
  2. Students with high CGPA can tell the recruiter about their academic excellence. It increases your chances of being contacted.

What should an Internship CV look like

An Internship CV should contain the following information


Your contact information should be placed at the top of the first page and may
be incorporated into a header to make your CV look more attractive.


A learning objective is one or two sentences that express your short-term
career goal.

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Starting with your current degree, list your previous degrees in reverse chronological order. List each degree
(including specializations such as major/minor, honours or thesis) followed by the name of the institution and its
location (city, province/state, country).

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For each entry, include any awards or academic mentions you have received. You can also highlight specific courses or
honours work if it is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

you can checkout what should be in your educational background Here


If you include this section, list your awards and scholarships in reverse chronological order. If space permits, include a
short sentence to describe the nature of each award. This will provide more context for the reader and draw attention
to particular achievements.

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