Funny: 7 Reasons Why You Should Block Your Mum On Facebook

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This is surely one of the most embarrassing moments of your life, after you’ve successfully convinced your mum how interesting it is to be on facebook. She finds it awkward until you show her some activities that is being carry out on facebook daily.

You let her know how she could meet her old friends and interact with you directly without her wasting her airtime.

Now your mama has agreed to join you on the most popular social networks. Do you know you just caused yourself a very funny trouble. It’s either you keep getting frustrating activities from momsy or you summon the needed courage to block her.

But I bet you cant. Can you? For this actions from your mum, I had to put up this up for you as the top 7 reasons to block your mum on facebook before it’s too late. YES!!! the earlier the better:

Let’s Get Along:

1. She Comments On All Your Updates:

This happens a lot, mum always see the need to comment on whatever her child writes on facebook even when she doesn’t understand a bit of the status. The most annoying part is that her comment will stop all other users to comment after seeing hers which makes your update looks meaningless.

Sometimes she just write a comment to ask for the meaning of your post and you would be looking like knocking your head on the ground before you explain to her that the post wasn’t for her, and she should not even put a comment to whatever she sees online.

Another form of her needless comment is trying to write to something she finds offensive, and end up putting up essays of how she would report you to dad, telling him you’ve changed from the good to the bad. She could display his anger on the comment box about how you failed your last exams due to your addiction to social networks and you feel like okay, Mum has already gone gaga. I bet no other friends of yours would dare come to comment under mum’s comment.

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The post of status updates is actually fair, but if your mum is on facebook, don’t try uploading a picture of you and your partner hanging out in a very romantic way. Maybe that would be the day you would close your facebook account because of her naughty ways.

2. She Posts What It’s Meant For Inbox On Your Wall

How will you feel when you login and see this publicly written on your wall by mum “Hello, dont forget to buy my sanitary pad while coming home”? how embarrassing? Its neva being funny until you see like 2-3 people that has already liked the post before you delete it, Of course mama is not at fault, she could remember quickly the day you told her facebook saves airtime and whatever she wants to tell you. It could always be done online.

She never thought of it that the post is public and anyone can see it on your wall, If she had known, she wouldn’t write it also. even if she knows, there are some of the annoying things that feels it’s not bad to show publicly. How about her writing to your wall not to come home with a very poor result like the one you brought home the other time? But could this be the worst of all? on to the next one.

3. She Starts Adding Your Friends:

When she notices some frequent people you are conversant with, she starts adding them one by one with the believe that these are the friends she can report to wheneve she needs to scold you online. These friends will innocently accept her request only for them to discover your mum is the most annoying facebook user, when they see all are updates are full of quiz results and start inviting them to play candy rush just few minutes of their friendship.

She can go as far as posting on their walls as well, in order to report you throug them, and you find out she posted something so confidential to you to someone you just don’t talk to off facebook. It’s better you block her now.

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4. You Must Not Ignore Her:

So what do you expect? When she discovers the message she sent to you displayed “Seen at 10:04am” and you failed to reply the message before you post a status at 11:00am, God be ready for number 2 post again. She keeps messaging you till you reply, what can you possibly be doing on facebook that’s important than replying your mum? Of course your mesages are boring mum but would you say that to your mum without posting to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall to report you to him to block you on his site. The surest way to avoid such issue is for you to keep replying her messages always. i’m pretty sure she will be counting on how many hours it took you before you replied.

5. She Frustrates You In Tags and Mentions:

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more secretive for mothers on facebook, when she come across a pic that says ” Share if you are proud of your daughter” She shares it truly but end up mentioning you with another bomb-like write ups. she can say “Oh so proud of Veronica (or mentions your name), She’s just 25 and she’s fast in learning how to prepare rice. You log in to do the necessities, and you meet nothing but close to 10 notifications of mum mentioned you in a comment, before you see the post, 10 of her friends has already liked it, 7 of your friends she added that time, unfortunately you have lied to them you have been a professional in cooking rice since 8 years old, they’ve already seen your mum’s comment and 4 of them have already typed “LOL” in the comment.

My dear, just close your browser and chill, it’s not her fault, you will surely find more of this till next coming years,Yes, it will take her enough time to blend with facebook ways.

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6. Internet Slangs Become Problem:

She always remember the day she shared a photo of you and tell the world she proud of you, when all your friends were typing “LOL’. When she did not realize what she did was funny she often termed it to lots of love, and that’s where the problem started. Anywhere she thinks she should show love, she would always type lol. She would type it under  a user that claims to be sick, the ones that was suffering from heartbreak. In the real sense, she’s correct but just a word is just noit enough if you don’t want people to term is as “lots of laugh” She needs to add some words before typing it to show sympathy but she doesn’t know this.

When your friends type “WTF” on your so hilarious updates, trust me the next comment you would see is your mum’s comment that would be asking if WTF means Wednesday Thursday Friday, then you comment freely that it means “What The

F*ck. Then she comments again to argue with you why it should be so and you would be like Mum Sharappppp!!!! Thats probably in your mind or would you rather say that to your mum?

7. She Updates Accidentally:

Sometimes you think and ask yourself if Mum learnt another foreign language because at times you just come across her facebook updates of many strange words like potrewasac gfdewe, when you call her to notice what she just posted, she tells you she has no idea of when she wrote that or is it the work of the hackers trying to enter her account?

Don’t even think she will delete it, that’s how the post will be till eternity, and later she will repeat it and even be the first to update on her status of how hackers her entering her accounts.

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