How To Pass Any Job Interview Very Well

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There exists some criteria you are expected to meet while undergoing a teaching interview in Nigeria. Some things you don’t notice are put into accounts. Here are some dos and donts.

1. Dress code. This is really important. You should dress corporate. Thou who sag their pair of trousers, boobs saggers, to you I speak. Leave the you-lifestyle behind, appear formal.

2. Manner of approach. Do you know how to do the ‘sir-ma’ thing? Try as much as possible to address your every sentence affixed with a ‘sir’ or ‘ma.’ Use the modal auxiliary ‘may’ in asking questions; ‘may I ask few questions, said?’
In conclusion, seem grateful, thank them for their time; ‘it’s been great discussing with you ma, do have a lovely day.’

3. Collocation, rules of concord, and misuse of tenses. If you are having problems with any of these, do read, read, and read again.  Use your tenses well. Don’t try to be grandiloquent (without a job?). Thirdly, the rules of concord!
– A singular subject, a singular verb; a plural subject, a plural verb.
– Indefinite pronouns take singular verbs.
– Rules of proximity or likeness.
– Collective concord.

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These rules are first and all other rules are below. Study them, so you don’t use ‘they doesn’t know me.’

4. Are you listening? Just do much of the listening even if you are talkative. Answer only when you are asked questions.

5. You must knock at the door. Don’t just barge in. Is this your house?

6. Don’t sit until you are asked to. This is a formal procedure you must observe.

7. Be moderate. While asked if you have teaching experience before, don’t lie. Yes, don’t lie. If you do, surely you must be asked why you left or your reasons for no longer working there, instead of criticizing the latter school, place your view on positivity. Tell them how you would love to explore your taste for education and stop always self-proclaiming yourself erudite. Your nativity is important. Don’t think a lie, be real, tell where you originate from, your real age, and present your CV (be it oral or written).

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8. Be creative. May I know you please? ‘My name is (not my names are) Richie Jay, I’m from dash-dash local government area of Abia State, I am the dash–dash issue of my parent. I fluent the English, Igbo and Yoruba Language. I am a Christian. I acquired a higher national diploma and rank of a dash-dash as a military personnel at the Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Study (NAITES), Markurdi, of which, I obtained…and am looking forward to being one of the members of the staff in school, sir. ‘

9. You are expected to write a formal letter. The supposed submitted formal letters these days are news papers. You can imagine!   I was proof-reading one ‘application for the position of a sale’s boy’ letter and saw sth like ‘I am an o’level student with big results and i shall want to work in your company to show you my talent.’ Abeg, talent kwa? What is this mbok?

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So, dear applicant, it’s all about your creativity, remember, no matter how the eyes see, it can’t see the ears – Richie.

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