What’s The Minimum Amount That Must Be In Your Bank Account Before You Can Think Of Marriage?

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Marriage this days ehn! it’s no longer child’s play as in the days of our forefathers. Then if they just have a half plot of land and they can cultivate the land, they are already ripe for marriage.

And during those days, none of the villagers that is richer than them do oppress them anyhow like that, and the wives then are always contented.

Not like nowadays, where they are yahoo boys up and down every corners of the country, common dating / courtship you can’t do in peace if you don’t have money. Talkless of marriage.

Me I have decided that if I  have like Minimum 20 Million Naira in my account as at a particular time after having a good shelter and a pretty good car to move about.

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Then i can think of getting married in peace and then they can be little comfort and trust that your wife is okay and not shaking towards the common big boys around.

So now the question is, How much is the minimum amount you’ll have in your account before thinking of marriage?

Kindly use the comment box below to tell us, it is very important.

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