9flux 2019 New Services Included – Explore the New Features

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Before i forge ahead, i would like to welcome you all to this new year 2019. I pray that all your heart desires be granted accordingly in Jesus name. In a special way, we thank our users who contributed in one way or the other in sourcing good and reliable scholarship, internship and Job information last year.

However, this is a new year and we are getting ready to renew our efforts and do much more than we did in 2018, but we need your support to make this a reality, you can start by liking our official facebook page.

For this year 2019, these and much more should be your expectations as we have set out to do them.

  1. Early Information updates
  2. Tips and inside secrets that will increase your chances in scholarships, Internships and opportunities
  3. More authentic and credible scholarship and internship past questions
  4. Rapid response to questions and comments
  5. Trustworthy information
  6. Monthly Competitions, Webminars and talks with various resource persons.
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Areas of Adjustments and Improvement in 2019

1. International Opportunities and awards
2. Foreign internships and updates

We aim to serve you better and to play a big part in lightening your career path and relieving your financial burdens as a student. However, we need you to support us through the following means.

  1. You can send new updates and opportunities to us via email even if it is just about shortlisting, test invitation etc. This you can send this to 9fluxoffice@gmail.com or 08064039753.

If you want to be granted opportunity to be part of the editing team to publish your content on the site, fill the form below.

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2. Sharing our posts using the share buttons located at the end of every post

3. Not using adblockers. This terribly affected us in 2018, we could not do what we promised and the gifts died as a mere proposal not to mention that this almost had us discouraged, as adsense is our major source of income, even if you use adblockers, please whitelist us, we do not flood our posts with ads in order to give you a chance to get the information you are looking for. It doesn’t cost you anything.

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Notwithstanding, 2018 would not have been a better year without you. Thank you for your support so far. Let us do it again this time and pass the baton to the next generation. Thank you for your consistency, purchases and being part of our dream.

2019 is our year of speed!!! More wins!!! More Scholarships, Less Failures!!! Think

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