Notice To JAMB Candidates With Pending Result Issues

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It was noted that a number of candidates who saw the details of their results when they first checked on JAMB portal can no longer access the results. Their results have suddenly “disappeared”.

JAMB 2018 Candidates With Pending Result Issues - Get in here

JAMB had earlier announced that about 111,981 results have been withheld for further screening to ensure they are clean from malpractice.

This means that the main reason (may not be the only reason) why some candidates are yet to see their results or why some candidates results have “disappeared” is that their results are likely among the ones withheld for reasons connected to exam malpractice.

It is likely that such candidates or the centre where they took the exams were implicated in cases of examination malpractices.

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Now, the candidates whose results are among the ones withheld will have to wait for JAMB to get done with the screening.

We believe that after the screening, JAMB will release and upload all results that were not implicated in any form of malpractice on their portal.

This should not take more than one week. So if after one week and you still cannot to access your result on JAMB portal, I’m sorry to say this, but just take it that your result have been cancelled.


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