PTDF Shortlist Successful Candidates for the 2018/2019 Germany/France/China Scholarship


The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) has announced the release of the names of successful awardees for the 2018/2019 Germany/France/China Strategic Partnership Scholarships.

List of Successful Awardees for the 2018/2019 Germany/France/China Strategic Partnership Scholarships

The recipients of the award (listed below) are those candidates who have presented the Fund with the highest academic qualifications and have been able to present a convincing case for the relevance and application of their proposed study to the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

Admissions will be sought by the Fund on behalf of the successful candidates using their submitted credentials, but candidates may be contacted by the Fund or the relevant school to provide further information and may have to personally complete the school’s application and admissions processes.

Induction exercises, including the award ceremony and necessary documentation, are to be held at the PTDF Towers Abuja for recipients of both awards as follows:

  • Induction of Germany/France/China Strategic Partnership awardees: Monday the 16th – Friday the 21st of July, 2018.

Click Here to View List (Ph.D)

Click Here to View List (M.Sc)

For those who can not remember the advert, please click the link below:
Petroleum Technology Development Fund Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme 2018/2019 – Germany/France/China


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