“I have scored 15 over 10 as Imo state governor” – Rochas Okorocha Said

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Owelle Rochas Okorocha has boasted about his performance as Executive Governor of Imo state .
 The governor scored himself 15 over 10,  and stated that he had positively affected all aspects of life in the South-East state .

Okorocha challenged any of his counterparts to say they had performed better than him, and declared that he had no challenges as governor .

The governor of Imo state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has boasted about his performance as Chief Executive Officer of the South-East state.

In an interview with The Sun, the governor declared that he had scored 15 out of 10, in his performance so far.

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Okorocha stated that he had touched all aspects of life in Imo state positively. When asked to rate his performance as governor, he stated:

“I think I have scored 15 over 10. You may be surprised I’m saying this, but you can ask me why and how. “There’s no aspect of life in Imo State that I’ve not touched positively.

Infrastructure has been a lot better than what the state had, education is free from primary school to university, security is better, people now trust government unlike before, government is now closer to the people and so on.

“I challenge any governor in this country, dead or alive to dare say they’d performed better than me.” The governor further disclosed that he had no challenges as he carried out his duties. In his words: “I don’t have any challenge, at least none that I know.

This is so because before I became the governor, I’d expected much more problems than I found. “Remember I aspired to be the president and I’d pursued this ambition three times before I came back to become a governor.”

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