Secrets Revealed: How to prepare and Pass Scholarship Aptitude Test

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It is certain that so many students do not know how to write and pass scholarship test.  Their failure is not because they don’t know what to write nor they are illiterate but because they are not exposed to how major scholarship aptitude tests look like adding that they do not know how to prepare for scholarship aptitude tests hence this post. In this post, the key strategy of writing and winning any scholarship aptitude test will be exposed. Also you be exposed to tips of how to prepare for scholarship aptitude test for some very popular scholarship program. It is believed that at the end of reading this post you stand a chance of predicting your success in any scholarship written.

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A lots of top paying scholarships for Nigerian students sponsored by different scholarship bodies and institutions are available. Winning a scholarship in Nigeria can be a thing of luck but it can also be a consequence of deliberate and conscious efforts. If you know exactly what scholarship boards want from you, then you are already on the award list

In this article, we will be exposing you on  how to prepare for scholarship aptitude test of some Nigerian undergraduate scholarships and beyond, their question sections, nature of the individual scholarship aptitude test, and how to apply so as to increase your chances of winning.

Tested ways of How to prepare for Scholarship Aptitude Tests

About 90% of undergraduate scholarship programs examine students IQ, their ability to understand and observe sequences, their ability to deduce conclusions from unrelated events, their understanding of English language, ratios, simple interests and general aptitude test questions.

Now look at this:

You were nine years old the day before yesterday, next year, you will be twelve years old. When were you born?
If you know the answer, kindly drop the answer on the comment box.

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Major Scholarship aptitude test Sections

In preparing for Nigerian undergraduate scholarship aptitude test adequate care should be taken to ensure that the following areas are completely mastered. More especially in the scholarship aptitude test administered by oil companies, government bodies and Multinational companies.

These sections include:

  • Abstract reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Current affairs
  • Abstract Reasoning.

There are two formats in which tests in this section may appear.

  1. Perceptual Tests
  2. Spartial Test

Perceptual Tests:

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Perceptual tests are often used to establish levels of intelligence in a ‘fair’ manner because they do not have the biases of verbal or numerical tests, which depend to some degree upon learnt skills. ‘Perceptual logic’, tests your ability to see how an idea evolves in order to work out what will happen next.

Spatial Tests

In many of the problems found in this session, you will be expected to rotate an image in your mind so that you can ‘see’ what the reverse side looks like. We do this all the time in our daily lives, without giving it a thought, but psychologists have not yet discovered how a solid, three dimensional shape is held in the mind, let alone what mental processes allow us to turn it around in our heads. It is a vital skill anyway, and one that some people are better at than others, as with most skills, which is the reason it is tested.

Spatial tests for undergraduate scholarship exams

  • Numerical Reasoning

This section can fall into the following countries:

  • Number skills
  • Numerical aptitude

Number Skills:

This test examines your arithmetical skills. You have to work with the rules of numbers: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It is also important to understand decimals, percentages and fractions. While skills such as the rules of numbers, percentages, weights and other measures can be learnt, the next test section measures potential. You can be given graphs and charts also.

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Example: How many complete items at £3.50 each can be bought from £28.00?

Numerical Aptitude

This measures your mathematical potential in a broader way. It is the most abstract of the tests. It also looks at your aptitude for seeing a relationship between numbers. Again the mathematical rules are simple, but you have to comprehend a pattern between the numbers, which is a more abstract process than mere arithmetic.

Example: What is the next number in the sequence: 17. 2 4 3 7 6 ?
a) 9 b) 13 c) 15 d) 14

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning test section can come in three different forms:

  1. Word skills
  2. Verbal concepts
  3. Crtitical application

Word skills

This is a test of how well you understand words. Language tests are often the most complex, because a word may be used in many
different ways. Words are slippery, with alternative, deeper or hidden meanings.

Example: One of these words is spelt incorrectly. Write the correct spelling.
(a).queue (b).accelerate (c). restaurant (d).business (e.)maintainance

Verbal concepts

In this session, vocabulary is still important, but less so than perceiving what idea or association connects some words and not
others. Rather than recognize the individual meanings of words, you are expected to work out those that form a ‘set’ or group. This test requires both a level of learning and experience and quickness in thinking.

Example: Expand is to Contract as Swell is to:
a) Resist b) Shrink c) Wave d) Turn

Critical application:

Here, vocabulary is far less important than the ability to reason. While you will find that in the previous verbal tests, you will,
more or less, either know the answer or not, with this test, you may need to take your time until you arrive at the answer.

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Example: Pete swims faster than Bill, but is not as fast as Jan,
whilst Jean always beats Jan. Who is fastest?
a) Pete b) Bill c) Jan d) Jean

Having gone through all the common scholarship aptitude test sections, I will be making a list of undergraduate scholarships available and their usual section of examination.

Materials you can use to Prepare For Scholarship Aptitude Test

If you are searching for materials, pdfs, past questions etc you could use to prepare for scholarship tests, then the following materials will do the job:

GMATS – General Management Aptitude Test – : In situations where past questions on scholarship tests fail, GMATS have always stood sure. The only disadvantage here is that it is voluminous and very vast. The advantage is that all scholarship aptitude test questions are in one way or the other represented there. You do not need to study every question. For every sub – section, there are many similar questions with the same pattern. All you need to do is master the pattern and move over to the next.

Current Affairs: Especially scholarships that have affiliations with the Government. Example state government and federal government scholarships, including some multinational companies like MTN. Using current affairs can help you scale through some questions easily.

Dragnet Past Aptitude Test Questions: Using Dragnet past aptitude test questions are by far the most effective and shortest cut to excelling in scholarship aptitude tests. However, for some reasons, the number of scholarships handled by dragnet is decreasing so adequate care should be taken to verify test organizers before selecting this past question. The good thing about them is that they always repeat questions. Making it easy to pass their scholarship aptitude test.

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