Tragedy: Woman Electrocuted In Ebonyi State. (See Photo)

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There was pandemonium in Ebonyi state yesterday around 8:3pm when this woman was electrocuted  which 9flux Nigeria learnt that it was carelessly left Unclad by those maintaining Street light along udoka hall Cas campus on a path leading to her house.

Report  Said that the woman went to fetch water with her little kid when she met her untimely death.

According to an eyewitness who narrated what happened to our correspondent said that..
”The most painful part of it is that her husband died 2yrs after their marriage leaving her the the 3 kids.

The elderest among them is 8yrs”
We appeal to government of Ebonyi state to assist those children and recuse them from suffering and also caution those in charge of the street light to remove all the Unclad wire which could be found in the along udoka hall, in Ebonyi state.


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